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Our Team

Estelle Grindell

Forest School Leader Estelle
  • Qualified Forest School Leader Level 3

  • Qualified outdoor first aider 

Hi there, I’m Estelle,
I love making things, having fun, getting muddy, playing games and being silly, and I just love Forest School.

Being outside in nature brings me absolute joy, the cold or sun on my face, watching the sunlight filter through the trees and the leaves playing in the breeze.

Having worked in primary schools and early years and seeing how our education system doesn’t work for so many children, yet how they light up and begin to learn naturally when they are given time and opportunity to be outside engaging with nature, I love how they become totally absorbed, and seeing their confidence and self-esteem grow is an absolute privilege.

I am passionate about people, young and old, building a community that truly cares and celebrates each other’s achievements. Hearing the laughter of children, observing problem solving in action and seeing a toddlers determination as they take their first wobbly steps on uneven ground, becoming ever more steady, all bring enormous pleasure.

The natural world offers us endless possibilities and opportunities, finding joy in the little things, as we cherish and care for nature, it in turn nurtures us.

Being able to share this love of the outdoors is really important to me and I am excited to pass it on.

“No one will protect what they do not care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”
Sir David Attenborough.

Here’s to many more nature filled adventures together.

Becka Sinclair

Forest School Leader Becka
  • Qualified Forest School Leader Level 3

  • Qualified outdoor first aider

  • Therapeutic Forest trained practitioner

Hi I’m Becka,

I am deeply passionate about the natural world and its potential to inspire, educate, and bring joy to individuals of all ages. For many years I worked within the secondary school system that fails so many children and thought there must be something else out there for them, then I found Forest School.


As a Forest School leader I have had the privilege of combining my love for the outdoors with my commitment to nurturing the growth and development of both children and adults, all while encouraging creativity through being in nature.


From a young age, I found wonder in the beauty of nature with many family camping holidays and walks in the great outdoors, this connection has only deepened with time. I believe that spending time in nature not only enriches our lives but also sparks creativity, allowing individuals to see the world with fresh eyes and discover new things.


I love working with children of all ages, witnessing their eyes light up as they engage in Forest School. I believe that being in nature is accessible for everyone, regardless of age or ability. I have worked with individuals of varying ages, backgrounds, and capabilities, creating a sense of community and shared appreciation for nature, where creativity knows no bounds.


I am passionate that Nature Explorers Forest School creates a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore their creativity, take risks, and develop their confidence while gaining a deep and lifelong connection with the outdoors.

I am excited to continue providing experiences in nature, where we can all learn, grow, and thrive together, while unleashing the boundless creativity that the natural world inspires.

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